Monday, January 26, 2009


This is a collection of thoughts that I have had over the past month. Of course they aren’t the only things I have thought, but a sampling of them that I decided to write down. Some of them are funny and probably look like lame copies of Mitch Hedburg or Jack Handy quotes. I assure you that they are pretty much original, although I owe the inspiration for some of them to friends and some were actually parts of conversations. The love seat one in particular was a conversation between me and two guys I work with. Some of them are depressing kind of things, some of them are random and others are just observations. I hope you enjoy them.

I wonder how many people in the crowd that trampled the store employee in New York on black Friday were pro-life.

Why do people always use the term “free thinking” for atheists, agnostics and secularists? They have just as much trouble thinking as everybody else. It has nothing to do with religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Why is it always funny when it happens to somebody else?

I think we should always be grateful that the term “mind blowing” is not literal in any way.

It is a good thing that a love seat is not specifically reserved for lovers. Maybe the name should be changed to friend seat. Or possibly-plutonic love seat. That would make it less discriminatory to two people who happen to sit on one and aren’t in love.

Many people are afraid of the dark. Not so many are afraid of the light. Sometimes though it is better when you don’t see what is coming at you…. Like a train. It would probably be better to be hit by a train in the dark when you don’t see it coming. Then it’s a surprise, and you won’t be responsible for soiling yourself from fear. Only from death.

It is very amazing the lengths people will go to discriminate. Even at the cost of their own money, safety and comfort.

Why is it that most people insist on having the strongest opinions about subjects they know the least about?

Why is it that with anything that has to do with art, crap sells? It doesn’t make sense. A funnel turned upside down on a cardboard box and painted black sells for $10,000. A wrinkled t-shirt put into a picture frame sells for $800. A truly amazing sculpture capturing the minute subtleties of nature doesn’t sell. Brittney Spears goes platinum. Jimi Hendrix is remembered more for being on novelty t-shirts than for his music. Crap sells. Why?

I wonder whether people care more that Obama is half black or that he is taking over and we finally got rid of Bush. I can only hope that he does a good job to go with his image.

It is scary how little most people know about religion. Especially their own.

People are often cynical but rarely are they cynics. I have run into a few people who know what a cynic is but never run into one.