Thursday, May 15, 2008

Politics and why they suck. (according to me.)

Why I think politics suck:

1. I think that American politicians are setting a double standard. They pass laws to help stop bullying and harassment, and then you have adds like this:
I am an idealist, I know that. But I still think that American politicians should probably spend more man hours and money on actually trying to do something good for the country, and a little less on digging up crap on their opponents. If a running platform is not good enough to win without mudslinging, and candidates aren't able to respect their opponents, they probably shouldn't be elected anyway. They probably don't have good enough ideas to be president and probably aren't a good choice in general. (There are many other examples of mudslinging, dating from America's second presidential election.) Our youth are supposed to want to be presidents and lead this country. They are supposed to idolize these "spectacular" human beings in office. Now, I would probably slap my future child if he/she proposed an interest in being president. I would probably tell him/her to find a decent human being's job, like a lawyer or a doctor.

2. I have been watching debates for the upcoming election. I actually saw Hillary say that she didn't want Obama in office, not because of his inexperience or any other reason, but that she only saw herself as capable of making it into office and beating the Republicans. She was more concerned about a Democrat beating Republicans than she was about any major issue. I understand the days of nationalism are dead, and that true patriots are paid to be, but is it so wrong to want a candidate that actually has a vested interest in this country and it's people, and not an invested interest in this countries assets? Is it so wrong to want an honorable politician to run for president and actually care more about what they stand for than their party beating the other party? I try to temper naiveté with knowledge, but I am allowed to wish that a candidate might arise who would not just try to beat the other party, but try to win because they honestly and truly believe they can make a difference. But maybe I'm just being childish.

3. Political parties. Not as much fun as frat parties and yet there are still more people in them. I do not think all of the American people can be properly represented with only two choices. Where else in life do you have to choose like that? Certainly not at the grocery store. They offer more to drink than orange juice and apple juice. They don't try to force people to choose between two things they may or may not like. It is silly. Just silly. (I like that word.) Again if I am naive forgive me, but I think that more people in America should have a say than the extremely rich in both parties. I think the electoral college is no different than the British house of Lords, which we tried to escape from, unless I be very mistaken. Did we not found this country to try and get everyone represented? Not just those privileged enough to be members of the electoral college. The popular vote doesn't count. The electors don't seem to listen to them. No one does. This is why I don't vote. They tell me I have a voice. My voice is overpowered by the voice of my elector representing my district. My area marking and voting-in-general abilities could probably be put to better use. Maybe I should vote for American Idol, like the rest of America. I seem to have caught on to this trend a little late though, as more people voted for this show than for the last presidential election.

Ahhhhhhh. That felt good. Sorry, I started to rant a little there. Anyway. I won't vote in this election. If you want to try to change my mind, feel free. I will listen and absorb, but unless you give good reasons I will still not vote. I think it is a waste of time and effort. I will continue to refuse to vote until a candidate comes along that I agree with. Not in issues concerning the country. I agree with current candidates on them. (I won't tell you which I agree with, because that is irrelevant,) but I do not agree on their ethics, or lack of them. I do not agree that this country really ever gets anywhere other than further into the hole with every new president. Or occasionally into war with someone. There are the exceptions, and man do I wish I had been alive when they were elected. And able to vote. But until then, I hate American politics.
(British politicians are cool though. Have you ever seen the House of Commons on C-Span? Its like Yo Momma with a few political issues and British accents. Its great!)

(Note: The examples I gave for mudslinging happen to be Democrat. I did not do that on purpose to add a bias or show prejudice, but those are just good examples of what I am talking about and am sure that Republicans and Independents alike do those same things. I apologize for any bias, but like I said, it was unintentional.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow, I am a slacker!

I haven't posted in over a month! That is crazy! I apologize for that, I have been busy, first just taking care of things in life and then with finals and projects at school. Now I am home and writing again. It is amazing, I have had so many things I wanted to write but just haven't gotten around to it. Oh well. I am back. (For my three or four people who actually read this or something.)

So I have learned a lot of things this year. Already, I know. Its not yet half over and I have learned so much stuff. I roomed with a gay guy, and found I wasn't nearly as tolerant as I originally thought. Hopefully that has changed. It was also kind of funny because he was a Christian, and when he first moved in and saw my book collection he thought I was a Satanist. I told him no and proceeded to show him the Church of Satan website. (Good for a read and interesting ideas, not what one would expect at all. I don't agree with it, but hey, everybody has an opinion right? Check it out, you may learn something too.
I am now much more tolerant, and hopefully much more informed on gay culture.

I continue my obsession with religion, and changed my major from digital film production to religious studies. I will enjoy it much more methinks. Well that's it for my life, back to the other stuff next post. Till then my three readers, (lol... Wow, I hate Internet speak,) I bid thee adieu.